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Something For Everyone

Vendors: Vendors
Client 8


Ever since opening our doors in 2000, we’ve hosted a number of local vendors. Itaka has been with 30A FARMERS MARKETS for many years — offering residents in the greater San Francisco area with quality local-made goods. With the products provided by Itaka, you can be sure to go home with a smile on your face.

Client 2


Looking for a place that sells quality goods at bargain prices? Since 2000, 30A FARMERS MARKETS has become the home to a number of local vendors that sell a variety of products at prices you can’t compare! Hexa has been with us for many years, and we are happy about the collaboration we’ve established.

Client 3


At 30A FARMERS MARKETS, our vendors sell top of the line products at bargain rates. Looking for authentic locally-made and supplied goods? Your wish is our command! Targo has been with us for many years — offering residents all throughout San Francisco that chance to take home some of the most unique items.

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